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These icons are pre-sized to 200 pxls. width. They come in .JPG format and in .WMF format.

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Private Label License Rights:

You are granted Restricted PLR Rights To This Content. What this means is:

You are free to use it to create your own products.
You can use it "as is."
You can edit it, rename it, reformat it, rebrand it.
You can use it to create websites, blogs, videos, presentations.
You can use it to create digital products (eBooks, iBooks, Kindle )
You can use it to create physical products (Amazon books, DVDs)

You are NOT allowed to pass this content on to others. What this means is:

[No] CANNOT pass on Resale Rights.*
[No] CANNOT pass on Master Resale Rights.*
[No] CANNOT pass on Private Label Rights.*
[No] CANNOT pass the .jpg, .psd, .txt, .potx files to customers.
[No] CANNOT include with personal use rights on a free or paid membership site.
[No] CANNOT be offered/positioned as a bonus.

* This means you can sell the product itself (in physical or digital format) but cannot transfer your rights to your customers. This exclusion is designed to protect the long term value of these packs for every license owner. You must comply with these terms.

I'm being as fair as I can about this, guys. I've worked very hard to gather this content together and I don't want it being de-valued by everyone trying to duplicate my efforts. You can make a lot of money off of it by simply using some ingenuity and creativity -- which is the lesson I really am trying to drive home.

Of course, if you create products that are SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT than what we are offering, reformatting, repurposing and using a diverse assortment of content, then you can offer your own rights. But your products must be unrecognizable as being derived from our NDPs. If you have any question about this, check with us.